Planning A Trip To Colorado With Friends

My friends went to Colorado on a trip last year. I couldn’t go because I wasn’t able to get the time off of work. They told me how much fun they had and told me I should try to go with them on their next trip. I definitely wanted to go because it sounded like a great time.

A few weeks ago I was with my friends and they said they were going to start planning their trip to Colorado if I was interested in going with them this year. I was kind of excited because I knew I was going to be able to take the time off from work to go and I had some money saved up too. I told them I wanted to go with them and they were ecstatic. They told me they planned on staying in the same place they stayed last year and it would be much cheaper for all three of us to split a room. They also said they knew that area well and would be able to show me around. While they were there they searched for the hotel they stayed at in Colorado and showed it to me. It looked really nice and I told them I was up for staying there.

Since making these plans with my friends, I have also been looking at other things to do in the area while we are there. I searched for things during the time we are staying and found some fun stuff. I also took the time off from work so I can go and it was approved by my boss. I am excited to not only go with my friends to Colorado, but also to have a great experience with what the state has to offer. I am anxious to check out the shopping and the restaurants in the area. I know it’s going to be a great time.

I told my friends some of the things I found to do and they said there is definitely one restaurant they want me to check out. It had a menu that consisted of foods that restaurants in our area don’t have. I can’t wait for our trip and I am so glad I had enough time saved up at work to take off for the week and that my boss approved the time for me.